The soap's Rachel Breckle is keeping her feet on the ground

Emmerdale star Gemma Oaten is starring in one of the soap’s juiciest storylines.

Gemma’s character, dowdy cleaner Rachel Breckle, has been at the centre of a shocking plotline after she gets pregnant by her married boss.

But actress Gemma doesn’t pick up her pay check and rush out to buy expensive outfits and posh meals.

‘I still buy my food in Aldi and have clothes in my wardrobe from Primark, which I still wear,’ says Gemma, 29.

‘I’m still an ordinary girl from Hull. I’ll never change and I have my parents to thank for that.’

Brunette babe Gemma credits her family with stopping her from getting too big-headed.

‘My family keep my feet firmly on the ground,’ the actress tells the Daily Star.

‘We’ve never had lots of material things but we have lots of love. I could never imagine spending loads of money on a designer handbag. It just would not be me.’

Anna Francis