Macedonian singer Jana Burčeska got proposed to during the semi-finals

You can always count on Eurovision to provide a touch of joy to an evening.

Though it’s rare for Britain to have much success and we’re often left licking our wounds after the Saturday night final, every year there is much joy to be had, provided by the hopefuls from opposing countries.

From wacky songs to wackier outfits, the continent-wide talent contest consistently gets the public smiling – and a genuinely lovely moment did just that, when a contestant revealed she was pregnant, THEN got engaged, live on air!

However, many UK viewers didn’t get the opportunity to catch the moment live – and they’re not too happy about it…

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Jana Burčeska, a singer competing for FYR Macedonia, went into the record books as she became the first person to reveal their pregnancy for the first time on the competition.

And the excitement went even further when boyfriend Alexander surprised her by telling her he loved her, getting down on one knee and proposing! Here’s the big moment:


However, BBC4 viewers watching live on Thursday evening (11th May) missed what may be the moment of the entire competition – because the cameras were focused elsewhere. Awks…

Mel Giedroyc and Scott Mills are the hosts of the backstage antics, and while Jana got engaged in the green room, they were busy joking that UK hopeful Lucie Jones was on vocal rest, and would not speak to them.

Unsurprisingly, viewers weren’t too impressed upon discovering what they’d missed – and plenty took to Twitter with their complaints.

‘A massive fail by @bbceurovision who somehow missed a proposal!’ wrote one, while another said: ‘Can’t believe we had to miss Jana’s proposal for that tripe with Scott and Mel. ‘ Yikes…

Oh dear. Thankfully, the power of the internet means we’ve all gotten another chance to see the moment. And even though Jana failed to qualify for the finals on Saturday, we’d say that this is probably a pretty great consolation prize…