All's well in love and furniture throwing

If there’s one show that’s never short on drama, it’s Ex On The Beach. 

Its concept of throwing a load of hot, fiery ex-partners together in a beachside luxury house practically calls for tensions to rise. This current series is just getting started, and already it is clear that it is staying true to form, as the next episode will show Josh Ritchie throw a table at love rival Alex Leslie.

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In scenes from Tuesday’s (24th January) programme, the Tablet of Terror announces the arrival of yet another ex to help shake up the house – and this former lover happens to be Alex’s ex, Alice.

Alice has no idea what she’s about to walk into… (MTV)

While some might dread the addition of an ex to the situation, Alex is thrilled to get the opportunity to speak to her once again. However, it seems as if fate has other ideas, as the Tablet gives cheeky Josh the opportunity to decide on who gets to greet her with a champagne reception.

Unfortunately for Alex, Josh chooses himself after letting on that he’d allow him the chance to reconcile… awks.

It’s not long before conversation between Alice and Josh turns to Alex, and Alice confirms that she’s not interested in getting back together with her ex as he was ‘unfaithful numerous times’.

Alex, meanwhile, is less than impressed with the idea of Alice and Josh getting close, and ends up barging upstairs to put a stop to the occasion. Josh cranks the drama up a notch by revealing Alice’s hopes of moving on…

But it’s too much for Alex, who then flips out and throws the table at Josh!

A night turned sour (MTV)

DRAMA. Soon after, he and Alice manage to get some time together – and he tells her that he wants to marry her!

But for Alice, it’s all too little, too late as she explains all of the things he has done wrong and how much he has hurt her. Scared of getting hurt again, she knows she can’t give Alex another chance.

Ooof. Will they ever reconcile to give us the first EOTB wedding?

Ex on the Beach, tonight at 10PM, only on MTV