Actor disappointed with tribute


Hollyoaks star Ricky Whittle was stunned when a fan revaled she’d paid tribute to him by having his character’s name tattooed on her most intimate area.

The actor, who plays cop Calvin Valentine in the Channel 4 show, was flashed the homage during a public appearance in a club.

‘I’ve had a girl come up to me, this is just wrong,’ he explains exclusively to Now Online. ‘She’s got a tattoo of Calvin on her private parts.’

While admitting he found it quite weird, the 27-year-old actor claims he was more annoyed that it wasn’t it a direct tribute to himself.

‘I wouldn’t mind if it was my name,’ he says. ‘But it was Calvin’s – what happens when I change characters?’

Ricky is currently dating co-star Carley Stenson who plays Steph Dean in the show.

Holly Arnold