Aussie hunk says edited footage made the incident look worse than it was

Big Brother star John James Parton claims his verbal mauling of Rachael White when she returned to the Big Brother house to give him a massage was unfairly portrayed because of the way the footage was cut. 

The incident – which made John James weep and nearly leave the house – was semi-resolved when he apologised to Rachael’s boyfriend Nathan Dunn on the phone.

The Aussie hunk has since said sorry to Rachael, too.

‘It’s all sorted now,’ John James, 25, tells Now in an exclusive interview.

‘I didn’t want to speak to her before we went out on stage on final night because I didin’t want it to look like I was doing it to make myself look good when Davina interviewed me.

‘I wanted her to know I was legit so I pulled her aside afterwards at the bar.

‘I won’t apologise unless I mean it. She was alright about it so it’s all sorted now and we can just move on.’

John James believes the way the controversial scene was cut made him look bad.

‘I didn’t start the argument in the massage room with Rachael,’ he insists, ‘but that doesn’t change the
way I behaved.

‘I know it looks like I went in there and pounced on Rachael, but that’s not what happened at all. But you can’t go on a show like that and expect everything to go your way. They don’t have 20 minutes to devote to one scene.’

John James is happy that some of the Big Brother crew have acknowledged he wasn’t the villain he’s been portrayed. 

‘Some of the cameramen who filmed the massage scene with Rachael and the row with Corin over her make-up actually came up and apologised at the wrap party,’ he reveals.

‘If the full segment had been shown it would have been a completely different story. It was good to hear them say that.’

In the sequence that was broadcast, a slanging match quickly developed with John James accusing Rachael of being fake, sneering at her for posing for Nuts – and suggesting the only thing she wouldn’t do for money would be have sex. 

Josie Gibson dumped John James over his behaviour towards Rachael and Corin but the pair were quickly reconciled.

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 Reporting Justine Harkness