Clean Queen wants to get into acting and play a seductress


Kim Woodburn has revealed that she is quitting How Clean Is Your House?

The former housekeeper, 61, has presented the Channel 4 show alongside Aggie McKenzie since 2003.

‘I’m not doing any more series of How Clean Is Your House after this one,’ she tells Now Online.

‘I’ve really enjoyed it, and it was a wonderful experience but I want to go out while [the show] is on top. I don’t want viewers to find it boring.’

Kim admits she would be tempted to try acting after leaving the programme.

‘I’d quite like to be in Desperate Housewives,’ she says. ‘I’d want to be a Joan Collins style character, a mother who seduces her daughter’s gorgeous, hunky husband.’

However, presenter colleague Aggie MacKenzie isn’t so convinced about Kim’s departure.

‘Well let’s see, it’s not the first time Kim’s said that,’ she insists.

Kim and Aggie are working with Plenty, for more cleaning tips check out

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Claire Slobodian