The Coronation Street star fights her body insecurity

As Coronation Street star Shobna Gulati sits down for a chat at our exclusive shoot, she admits she’s feeling a little nervous about stripping off.

‘I’m wondering how I’d 
make my boobs look remotely attractive,’ she laughs.

For a gorgeous, slim soap star, Shobna, 44 – who’s recently lost 1st in weight – isn’t confident about her figure.

‘If 10 is the happiest I’ve ever been about my body, then I think that would’ve been when I was a baby. Now it’s less than 5,’ she tells Now.

‘I’d change my stomach completely – my tummy texture. There’s no exercise that can get rid of that.’

But if Shobna does ever have a tummy tuck, it will because she wants it and not because of the pressure to look perfect for any man.

‘Some men are very unkind to women. I had an ex-partner who said that my body was damaged because I’d had a baby,’ she reveals.

‘Or he’d point at my tummy and go: “I can see your gut,” and 
I said: “Oh can you? I think you should leave my house.”‘

You go, girl!

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