Presenter had paracetamol and whisky


Fern Britton was once so depressed she tried to kill herself.

The presenter’s suicide bid at the age of 25 followed a messy break-up.

‘One afternoon I decided I couldn’t bear the pain longer,’ she writes in her autobiography.

‘I sat down and opened a bottle of paracetamol. All I wanted was to sleep and sleep and sleep.

‘I tipped the bottle, poured myself a handful of pills and swigged them down with a glass of whisky.

‘I didn’t take the whole bottle, as if I didn’t know whether or not it was what I wanted.’

Fern, 51, was interrupted by a call from an ex-boyfriend who immediately sent someone round to help.

‘I was lucky,’ she admits. ‘Why hadn’t I swallowed the lot? Because I was a coward. I wasn’t brave enough.’ 

Holly Arnold