Yes, we're sad Aidan Turner AKA Poldark is out of our life for the foreseeable, but it seems there's a few men on the small screen to distract us

If, like us here at Now, you were bereft as the credits rolled on the last episode of Poldark on Sunday night, here are a few shows starting this week that might offer some alternative hot totty to take our mind off Aidan Turner absence from our screens.

First of all, we have new American export Empire. Set in the super rich world of top hip hop producer Lucious Lyon and his sassy, ex con wife Cookie. They have three sons who are all, thankfully, young, hot and ripped.

Eldest son Andre Lyon wears a corporate suit with style. He doesn’t have the musical talent of his siblings but he’s educated, smart and he wants to be head honcho of his father’s empire. There’s also a bi polar sub plot simmering away for this less favoured but ambitious son so we can’t wait for the sparks to fly.

Middle son Jamal Lyon is his momma’s favourite, and probably the most likeable brother. He’s sensitive, way talented and he’s a gay black man in a pretty hostile envirnoment – he has a cute boyfriend called Michael so a little more eye candy for us to peruse.

Finally, there’s youngest son Hakeen Lyon – he’s his father’s favourite and has the charisma and potential star power to be the next superstar rapper.

But if Empire doesn’t float your boat, Thursday sees episode one of The Game on BBC 2. A Cold War spy thriller with former Burberry’s model, and ridiculously good looking actor, Tom Hughes, as a sexy spook in the 1970’s. Expect some thrills and spills as this chiselled secret agent takes on suspects.

Finally, Anzac Girls on Channel 4 should hopefully give us a few men in uniform to get our juices going. It is mainly about the Anzac nurses in World War one but look out for Australian actor Todd Lasance as Lt Syndey Cook. You might have seen him in Home and Away or Spartacus but this new historical drama will hopefully provide some dashing men in uniform to lust after…

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