Actress leaving Torchwood for new ITV show

Freema Agyeman will not be back for the new series of Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood.

The actress, 29, has instead signed up for a new ITV crime drama Law And Order: London, which will start filming in the autumn.

Scriptwriters are thought to have already written a huge storyline involving her character Martha Jones.

‘This has really mucked things about,’ a source tells The Sun. ‘We’ve had to go back and re-edit loads of scripts because she’s not going to be in it.

‘[ITV are] the Beeb’s bitter rival, so the fact she’s going over there to star in a big new project has not gone down well at all.’

A BBC spokesperson played down Freema’s defection: ‘As with any drama in the early stages of production, scripts evolve and change on a daily basis before being finalised.’