Holly's been eating healthily and working out

Geordie Shore‘s Holly Hagan has dropped 3st, losing 3lb a week.

‘I work with a personal trainer three times a week doing weights, cardio and circuit training, plus I drink Slender Blend shakes,’ Holly, 21, tells us..

‘I’ve cut out takeaways and I swap chocolate and crisps for things like yogurt.

‘I hardly drink alcohol these days and I used to love a kebab on a night out, but I rarely have them any more.’

Holly admires Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj‘s curves and is proud of her own slim waist.

‘It’s naturally small,’ she says, ‘and gives me my hourglass figure.’

Read the full interview with Holly Hagan in this week’s Now magazine dated 28 April 2014 – download the digital edition now

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