Holly and James are being as civil to each other as possible

Holly Hagan had a fantastic time down under with her Geordie Shore co-stars.

‘Australia was one of the best experiences of my life, but it was also one of the hardest,’ she tells us.

‘We were so far away from Newcastle and it was just us lot in a house for seven weeks, so there were loads of arguments.

‘I came home completely drained. I was an emotional wreck.

‘Oh, and it takes forever to get a bap out there!

‘They take 20 minutes to fill a bap and you’re like: “Er, hello?”

‘Aussies are so slow!’

Things between Holly and James Tindale are still tense.

‘For the sake of us being around each other, we’re civil,’ say Holly.

‘But we’re not friends. He’s completely changed.

‘And I absolutely hate his girlfriend Kate.

‘She called me a whale on Twitter – it was completely uncalled for and disgusting.

‘She isn’t classy in the slightest.’

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