Sex god Scott got his revenge

Geordie Shore star Scott Timlin, 24, has an amazing body – thanks to a strict diet and daily stint at the gym.

‘In the morning I fast – I have a coffee and go to the gym – then eat chicken, broccoli, asparagus, fish and nuts,’ he confides.

‘It’s a competition between all the lads as to who can look the best.’

When he was a teenager, Scott was bullied about his good looks.

‘This lad at school would call me “pretty boy”, “Spice Boy” and “poof”,’ he recalls.

‘Three years later I went to a school reunion and it ended badly for him.

‘I knocked him out. After years of being a dick I was like: “Yes! I’m so glad I did that.”

‘I hate bullies. It’s disgusting.

‘I’d love to walk into schools and have a word with every single bully.’

Geordie Shore is on MTV at 10pm.

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