Brian Sampson had to watch his son's winning performance on TV

George Sampson has revealed that he couldn’t share his Britain’s Got Talent celebrations with his dad.

Brian Sampson did not attend the live final in London on Saturday night.

He’s never been to a show, says George, 14. The only time he’s seen me dance is on the telly.

I’ve asked him to come to a show and given him tickets. It doesn’t bother me any more. It’s made me stronger and more independent. My sisters said he texted them saying he was crying during the semi-final.

His mum Lesley, 39, and dad Brian, 40, split when he was just 9.

But the window fitter says strained relations with his ex wife kept him from attending.

She knew how much I wanted to be there, he tells the Daily Mirror. I didn’t have to sit with her, but she could have arranged a ticket for me. So I just used all my phone credit voting for George. His success thrilled me so much my head was spinning.

The reason I’ve ignored George when he’s been breakdancing in the town centre before now is because I was afraid Lesley might be there and it would cause problems.

Georges sisters Chelsea, 17, Emily, 16, and Rosie, 13, went to live with Brian, while he and his older brother Luke, 19, stayed with Lesley.

It was only the night before last Wednesday’s semi-final that George was reunited with his sisters.

We hardly ever get together, he tells the Daily Mirror. The night before the semi-final was the first time I’d seen my sisters together for years.

It felt weird. We always danced together as kids and, suddenly, it all went upside down and I was on my own.

George will perform at the Royal Variety Performance on 11 December.

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