Celebrity stylist says he's finding it tough facing 40


Gok Wan‘s 37th birthday isn’t until next month, but he’s terrified of turning 40.

The TV presenter, who encourages others to feel confident in How To Look Good Naked, is newly single and feeling rather fragile.

‘I am vulnerable at the moment. It’s new, so it’s not a great area for me to talk about,’ he says.

‘It’s definitely affected me. Definitely. To what extent I don’t know yet. It always takes a little while. The break-up process takes longer as you get older.’

Currently going out ‘5 nights out of 7’, Gok would love to be in a relationship again.

‘I am terrified of being old and single,’ he tells Stella. ‘I worry that I have created this world that has so many doors to go through to get to the centre of it that I worry I have run out of time, or keys, to give to people to get in there.’

Adam Thorn