Our favourite innuendo-fest is back

The whole country can rejoice once again because Great British Bake Off is BACK.

Unlike most shows, the twee BBC baking competition has definitely landed that tricky seventh series. We’ve got our same mix of eccentric British characters: from everyone in Britain’s nan (Val) to a man so chilled out he is the sole solution to climate change (Selasi).

If you missed out on the show, or just want to relive it in it’s glory in GIFs we, as always, have you covered.




Moist GBBO gif

It’s not a bake off without saying the one word that makes everyone feel uncomfortable

Paul Hollywood’s stares of death continue to be the least helpful in the world

Disapproving Paul Hollywood reaction GBBO gif

If you’re terrified about baking a cake you do NOT need those eyes of doom staring into your soul

Selasi is so cool that he literally shrugs off the economic crisis

Selasi Financial crisis shrug gif

He works for a BANK

Val is such a twee Nan that she can HEAR WHEN CAKES ARE READY

Val hearing her cakes GBBO gif

She’s probably on the reserve team for the X-Men

Things did get a bit heated as everyone dropped their food on the floor

Dropped food gif

It’s just extra flavouring

And Paul Hollywood literally made Candice throw her cake at the wall

Cake Frisbee GBBO gif

On the note of Paul, he literally DUNKED HIS JAFFA CAKE IN HIS TEA

Jaffa Cake dunking GBBO gif


Also who knew that Val had such amazing moves

Old Lady Dancing GBBO gif

Old lady dancing GBBO gif


And the Main Storyline of the Week goes to Paul Hollywood and Selasi’s budding romance

Selasi and Paul hollywood love story-1

Selasi and Paul Hollywood love story -2

I want someone to look at me like Paul Hollywood looks at Selasi