19-year-old Great British Bake Off contestant, Flora Shedden, hits back at comments on Twitter about her being ‘too posh’ and middle class

The reason we love the Great British Bake Off so much is just how damn quintessentially British it is – and it IS a whole programme about cakes!

But just because there’s dusting of sugar instead of downing shots, doesn’t mean there’s any less drama around the show. Oh no siree.
Whether it’s Mary Berry accidently letting slip a spoiler about who’s leaving on the show, or contestants already having professional training, it’s never all that calm in the bake off tent.

But after the first episode where 19-year-old baker Flora Shedden made the simple mistake of forgetting to turn on the oven because she’s used to the Aga at home that she’s ‘so used to having on all the time’, viewers quickly took to Twitter to brand the Scottish teen as ‘too posh.’

But now, Flora has spoken out about how ‘baffling’ she found it that her lil comment about her oven had made headlines.

‘I couldn’t believe the coverage our poor old oven got.’

When you put like this, yeah, it is pretty ridiculous.

Speaking to The Sun, she explained how the majority of people who live in Dunkeld, where the nearest shop is 20 minutes away, own Agas as a means of heating and keeping warm, and not just cooking.

‘They are a very sensible option during Scottish winters. As we have no heating in the house, it’s a lifesaver.’

One person we’re sure who’d approve of Flora’s choice of cooking equipment though is Mary Berry herself, who now only grew up with an Aga herself, but was asked to write The Aga Book back in 1994. She’s practically the queen of Agas!

With further comments from Floral that she travelled through Italy and owned ‘over 100 cookbooks’ with the majority of them being French, people took to Twitter to say that she probably owned ‘four ponies and a Range Rover.’

‘More like four brown hens and a Skoda Octavia!’

Flora is due to start studing a history degree at St.Andrews University – yep, that’s right, the exact one that Prince Wills and Kate Middleton both attended – and she’s paying her own way through her studies too.

We just can’t get over that how beautiful her bakes are on her blog and Instagram – food porn envy 100%!

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Amy Lo