Her solo dreams are shattered by poor sales

Launching her debut solo single the week after Cheryl Cole released her new song was always likely to end in tears for Nadine Coyle.

Sure enough, while Cheryl enjoyed first week sales of 157,000 – and hit No 1 – with Promise This, Nadine’s single Insatiable got off to a disastrous start, selling only 117 copies and 2,439 downloads on its first day of release.

Sources close to the Northern Irish warbler say she’s devastated.

Nadine really hoped her single would fly off the shelves,’ reveals a source.

She just doesn’t understand it. It’s a great song and she’s got a fantastic voice.’

PR guru Max Clifford, 67, tells Now he believes it’s all down to Nadine, 25, handling the press badly.

She’s always given the impression she’s above it all,’ he says.

Her subtle digs at Cheryl for not singing live on The X Factor have turned a lot of people against her.

Moving to LA is all well and good if you can make it there but if you don’t, like Nadine hasn’t, you’re faced with coming back to an audience who’ve moved on and forgotten you.

She’s shown no vulnerability, no modesty and no humility and those are traits we want in people we put on a pedestal.’

However, Max thinks she can still win the public over. Firstly she needs to rebuild her relationships with the other girls in the band.

Then she needs to start listening to the advice she’s given on how to handle herself and stop talking everyone else down,’ he advises.

Cheryl’s been the ultimate Girls Aloud success story and Nadine’s been the ultimate disaster – but it’s not too late for her to turn it around.’

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