Comedian knew that a career in medicine wasn't for him


Harry Hill was a doctor before he started his comedy career, but he knew he wasn’t cut out for medicine.

‘I delivered babies, I tried to resuscitate people who died, I met lunatics, but I never really felt like I knew what I was doing,’ admits Harry, 48.

‘I was just this bloke in a white coat looking worried.

‘If you’re a doctor, you’re supposed to want really interesting cases. I spent the whole time hoping that no one was going to get ill.’

The Harry Hill’s TV Burp star, real name Matthew Hall, lives in Whistable Kent with his wife and three daughters.

He feels like a different person when he puts on the glasses, shirt and suit that transform him into his on-screen persona.

‘If I have a good show, I’ll stay in the outfit a little bit longer afterwards, even when I’m by myself in the dressing room,’ Harry tells The Times Magazine.

‘But if it goes badly, I’m straight back into my normal clothes.’