Lisa Faulkner has been talking A LOT about boyfriend John Torode's show MasterChef on Twitter...

John Torode and Lisa Faulkner got to know each other through both appearing on the celebrity version of MasterChef and the show clearly holds a fond place in their hearts.

In fact actress-turned-cook Lisa, 43, is such a fan of the show – which features her chef partner John, 49, as a judge – that she’s been Tweeting no end about it and voiced her opinions on the contestants whilst watching it this week.

‘I ♥ so many people on #MasterChef @MasterChefUK I don’t know who to choose, though the girls are def rocking it!’ she Tweeted on Monday night during the cooking competition.

MasterChef is filmed ahead of airing so the winner has probably already been chosen, which got us thinking… Given that Lisa is dating one of the judges, surely she’s got access to the inside gossip and already knows who her man has picked as the victor? And could she even let it slip in one of her Twitter talks?!

We clearly weren’t the only ones wondering about this as one fan Tweeted Lisa saying: ‘@lisafaulkner1 You mean you don’t know who’s won?? I’m impressed at @JohnTorode1’s secrecy. Hope you choose the same winner as him! X’

Despite the fact that John reportedly moved in with Lisa last week following two and a half years of dating, Lisa insists that her fella has kept schtum about the show’s champion – and she wouldn’t even want to find out if he offered to reveal all!

‘ha! I would never want to know!!! Not that he would ever tell! Xxx,’ the former Holby City star replied.

Lisa – who won Celebrity MasterChef back in 2011 but didn’t start dating John until late 2012 – might be happy to be kept in the dark about the result but she’s certainly not shy about praising the show – or John.

A couple of weeks ago she Tweeted: ‘Love fran! Love Ella! And LOVE my @JohnTorode1 brilliant constructive criticism, funny and brilliant description of dishes ACE #MasterChef’

Hmmm, we think we know who your favourite person on the show is, Lisa!

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Anna Francis