The stress of fame has already driven both Britney Spears and Demi Lovato to rehab

Simon Cowell loves to 
put on a good show.

He shipped in the younger, sexier Dannii Minogue to rile Sharon Osbourne on The UK X Factor, then axed Cheryl Cole from the US version.

The 52-year-old even refers to his fellow judges as ‘toys’ – playthings he pits against each other, while he sits back to watch the ratings go through the roof.  

However, by hiring Britney Spears and Demi Lovato – two stars who’ve spent time in rehab – as US X Factor judges, has Simon the puppet master taken his game too far this time?

Those close to both women have expressed fears that they risk further meltdowns as long hours and 
live shows take a toll.

Already Britney, 30, appears frazzled.

At the press launch on 14 May she had bloodied, bitten nails, suggesting she’s under stress.

And it’s been just two months since Demi, 
19, admitted that her recovery from bulimia and self-harming was 
’a daily battle’.


Read the full story about Simon Cowell in Now magazine dated 28 May 2012 – out now!

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