Former model hoping TV interview will repair her image

Heather Mills is said to be eager to be interviewed by cult programme maker Louis Theroux.

The ex-model hopes to show the public a different side of herself, following the battering she got in the press after her divorce from Sir Paul McCartney, 66.

‘Heather reckons she’s been very badly treated by the media so she wants to redress that balance and change people’s perceptions,’ says a source.

Louis, 38, who has previously interviewed Sir Jimmy Savile and former MP Neil Hamilton, has spoken of his desire to work with Heather, 40, in the past.

‘She needs to show her side of the story which, for one reason or another, isn’t coming through,’ he has said.

Meanwhile Heather spent the weekend handing out veggie burgers to children in a rundown area of the Bronx.

‘I want to help make sure they have as many nutritional advantages as anyone else,’ she tells The Sun.