The Poet Laureate is quaking in their boots

We all know Heavy D has some BIG plans when he leaves the house, and he may have just given a glimpse into his musical future by sharing some of his first single.

While all the housemates sit innocently for their millionth cigarette of the day, Heavy begins to sing the chorus of his song: Come and Lick My Boomanator.

Seriously those are the words he chose to put together. After several attempts at saying the same line over and over again in a voice kind of like singing, the Storage Wars UK star says: ‘There’s going to be a producer f**king creamin’ his pants going “f**king hell man, can’t wait for Heavy D to get out man, we’re going to make some sh*t”.’

Mid... rap [Channel 5]

Mid… rap [Channel 5]


And the reviews from the housemates are exactly how you think they are. Stephen Bear suggests: ‘Why not?’ as if ‘because everything’ isn’t the real appropriate reply.

James Whale utters: ‘Oh my god’.

Lewis Bloor lies: ‘I’ve heard worse tunes. I’ve heard worse tunes,’like repeating the sentence will make it true.

While we probably can’t expect the tune to be banging out in your favourite nightclubs any time soon, it is good to see the housemates all getting along after their fall out Sunday (7th August).

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Viewers ended up branding Lewis a ‘bully’ after his intimidating behaviour to Heavy D after he found Marnie Simpson’s secret stash of booze.

Nothing like a good sing-song to bring people together.