Coronation Street star Helen Flanagan is proud of her chest

Men love Helen Flanagan‘s fantastic breasts.

The Coronation Street star, who plays Rosie Webster in the soap, is glad her bust makes quite an impression.

‘I’m really proud of my boobs,’ says Helen, 20.

‘I never had boobs when I was young, so I’m grateful I’ve got a voluptuous chest now.

‘It has a lot of power!

‘Guys always talk to my chest, but I find it quite endearing.’

Helen‘s been dating Swansea City star Scott Sinclair, 21, for over a year and likes to make an effort for her footballer boyfriend.

‘On a date, I always glam up – and subtly enhance my cleavage!’ Helen admits.

‘I love feeling powerful, independent and in control.’

But Helen was terrified last week when she feared a stalker was under her bed after The National Television Awards. She fled in panic.

Helen was absolutely hysterical,’ an onlooker tells The People.

‘She was holding her hands to her face clutching a tissue. It was like Helen had just seen a ghost.’

When security staff went to search the room, they found no one in there.

Helen was checking under her bed and for a split second she thought she had seen someone,’ a spokeswoman for Coronation Street confirms.

‘She is very upset and doesn’t want to discuss it.’

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