Helen Wood has gone home with £100,000

Helen Wood was crowned winner of Big Brother 2014 last night and scooped £100,000, beating Ashleigh Coyle into second place.

The ex-prostitute, who allegedly had a threesome with Wayne Rooney and Jenny Thompson in June 2009, suffered massive public abuse when the story broke the following year.

Helen, 27, started working as an escort to pay off debts.

‘It started when I got pregnant at 16,’ Helen told us.

‘I don’t believe in abortion, so by 19 I was living in a council house with a toddler.

‘Then, all in the same week, I was made redundant from my job as an accountant’s assistant, the bailiff came round, I owed a loan shark £500 and I was about to be evicted.

‘A friend mentioned escorting and I saw it as the only way out.

‘I was lucky. I was working as an escort, not in a brothel.

‘Men treated me nicely, buying me gifts.

‘It was better than any man had treated me before.

‘It was like a drug – I liked the secret world.’

Feisty Helen was ticked off by Big Brother for having rows in the house and admits she can be volatiile.

‘I’m completely over the top, out of order on many occasions,’ she says, ‘but when I argue with people they are constantly making remarks at me. Sometimes I just take it too far.’

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