Katie Price can't stomach much but Kim gulps it down

I’m A Celebrity star Kim Woodburn joined Katie Price for the Bushtucker Trial tonight on I’m A Celeb.

From the jungle vending machine, they were given kangaroo anus and testicles, witchety grubs, cockroaches, crickets and fish eyes.

Kim, 67, downed the lot and won 5 stars for Exile Camp but Katie, 31, only managed 3 for Base Camp.

Both women retched as they swallowed the unappetising ‘food’.  

They started with Saltesers (fish eyes), with Katie going first explaining: ‘When you’re chewing it’s like calamari with a raw egg popping in your mouth. It tastes like blood and the smell of a fishery’.

Critterish Allsorts were next (crickets and cockroaches), followed by Chewing Bum (kangaroo anuses), Twitchety Grubs and Mixed Nuts (kangeroo testicles).

Katie just couldn’t finish off every lip-smacking treat but Kim munched her way through.

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