Jo Joyner's slip-up during her live return to EastEnders has got everyone talking...


As excitement continues to build over the conclusion to the Lucy Beale murder plot, EastEnders fans are on tenterhooks and the cast seem to be feeling it too.

The soap has bravely been going live this week for several scenes in each episode to celebrate the show’s 30th anniversary and viewers have been on the lookout for any mistakes from the actors. Pressure, much?!

During Wednesday night’s episode the internet went berserk when Jo Joyner made a dramatic return as Tanya Branning and appeared to majorly fluff her lines. The actress referred to Ian Beale by the actor’s real name Adam Woodyatt when she asked: ‘How’s Adam?’

Oops… or was it? With the gaffe being pretty much all anyone is talking about, is there a possibility that the slip-up might have been intentional?! We’ve been assessing the evidence to support our case…

1. It proves it was live
With the live segments interspersed with pre-recorded footage, it can be hard to tell the difference between the two, though there’s a handy #EELive hashtag in the corner of the screen during the live bits. After her error Jo Joyner joked on Twitter: ‘You never answered me @LauriebrettX how is @AdamWoodyatt ?… #leastyouknowitslive #gutted’

2. Jake Wood’s re-write Tweets
Shortly after Adamgate, Jo‘s co-star Jake Wood – who plays Tanya‘s former hubby Max Branning – posted a funny Tweet with a mock script re-write where Ian has decided to rename himself Adam. He thought of that pretty quickly…

3. Together Tanya and Max have done a Kim Kardashian and broken the internet
Tanya‘s mistake comes after much speculation over whether MAX fluffed his lines in Tuesday night’s episode. After discovering that Lauren had found out the truth about Lucy‘s murder, Max turned to daughter Abi and said: ‘She knows whether you killed Lucy.’ But many fans thought he might have said ‘who” instead of ‘you’, leading to much confusion and ANOTHER Twitter storm. Jake soon cleared things up, Tweeting: ‘For the benefit of the Internet and mankind in general please RT YOU. Thank YOU (see what I did there?) ❤️ #EELive #justthebeginning’

4. It’s thrown a curveball into the Lucy case
Now that everyone has been temporarily distracted by Adamgate, we think the big reveal of who killed Lucy is going to come as even MORE of a shock.

5. EVERYONE is watching it to wait for the next ‘mistake’
All of the above have resulted in the Twittersphere and basically the whole country talking about EastEnders – and probably makes non-Easties fans more likely to tune in. The semi-live episodes have already pulled in the viewers – 9 million tuned in on Tuesday night, the highest overnight ratings the BBC 1 soap has seen in two years.

That number is set to go through the roof tonight when we finally find out who killed Lucy. But what about Friday night? Who knows what will happen when the show goes COMPLETELY live for the hour-long special? But we know MILLIONS will be tuning in to check…

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Anna Francis