Tensions are rising

I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! viewers are split on whether Danny Baker is a bully to his fellow new campmate, or if Martin Roberts needs to grow up a bit.

Some viewers have targeted Danny for his ‘unfair’ treatment of the Homes Under The Hammer star, suggesting his verbally aggressive behaviour is bullying the presenter.

However, others have hinted that Martin should stop being so self-obsessed – and also should ‘grow a pair’, which is the worst expression in the world.

It mainly stems from their initial argument, where Martin asked Danny and his team to be a bit more gracious in victory after winning the Bushtucker trial the Hungry Games by throwing a big strop in his hammock.

People were also annoyed that Martin appeared to snap at Ant and Dec during his trial... [ITV]

People were also annoyed that Martin appeared to snap at Ant and Dec during his trial… [ITV]

Later, when Scarlett Moffatt – president of the camp – asked Martin to help with the chores and get the water, it erupted into a big argument with Danny shouting at him so much he cried.


Now, the tension in the camp is butter knife cutable.

Some are suggesting that Danny is a bully, including Homes Under The Hammer co-presenter Lucy Alexander, who wrote: ‘There was no need for that bully-like telling off from Danny Baker! Who voted him form captain! Martin would never be unkind.’

Another added: ‘Danny Baker is a bully. Martin may be a pain but no need to talk to him like that. Big mistake to put these 2 in.’

However not everyone agrees, with one person writing: ‘Martin deserved the earbashing from Danny. Sum1 also needs to tell him it’s Scarlett not CHARLOTTE! Plonker. #ImACeleb’

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Someone else added: ‘Martin’s behaviour is similar to the behaviour I’ve seen on another programme… Secret lives of 4 year olds #ImACeleb #imacelebrity grow up!!’

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