After wowing us with that buff bod on Poldark, Aidan Turner says he wanted to let himself go

Aidan Turner earned himself quite a few admirers when he showcased THAT body in Poldark but his physique has changed quite dramatically since filming ended.

The 31-year-old was keen to relax after completing the first series of the hit BBC drama and admits that he’s put on quite a bit of weight, meaning that his ripped torso is a thing of the past – sob.

‘It’s quite hard work to get into that sort of shape,’ explains Aidan.

‘Towards the end, I was so sick of it – I wanted to stuff my face. I think I put on a stone straight away.’

As well as piling on the pounds, Aidan has let his body hair grow too so he’s pretty much unrecognisable from the smooth and svelte fella we saw on our screens just a few weeks ago.

In fact he thinks fans would be ‘so disappointed’ to see him with his top off nowadays.

‘I’m way too hairy,’ the Irish star quips. ‘If I went to the beach right now, people wouldn’t recognise me.

‘I think keeping my top on these days is probably a good idea. I’m in nothing like the shape I was.

‘People are just, “Hey – where’s your six-pack?” I’m like, “I’m fat now – what are you talking about?”‘

This is slightly worrying news given that a second series of Poldark is on the way – will Aidan be too out of shape to play the Ross Poldark we know and love (i.e. the one who strips off and looks majorly hot)?!

Fans needn’t worry though, as Aidan has vowed to regain his toned physique ready for when filming begins in September. Phew!

In fact the heartthrob star is quite happy for people to talk about his body and doesn’t feel exploited by it all.

‘I’m sure there would be the case where someone in my shoes would feel objectified, but I never felt it,’ he tells the Mirror.

‘I’ve only felt a sense of fun in what people are saying. I don’t take myself that seriously.

‘That’s not to say that I don’t care about what I do – but I realise I’m in a very privileged position, and it comes with the territory.

‘If women want to go, “Phwoar! Look at Poldark! He’s gorgeous and handsome. I’d love to take him home,” why should I feel offended?’

We won’t argue with you there, Aidan!

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