We take a look back at how little Bobby has changed during his dramatic life on Albert Square


It was the moment we’d all been waiting for – Lucy Beale‘s killer was FINALLY revealed in a gripping EastEnders two-parter on Thursday night and we were all stunned to learn that it was little Bobby Beale.

Yes, despite his cute face and unassuming demeanour, the 11-year-old schoolboy – played by Eliot Carrington – turned out to be a murderer. Doting surrogate mum Jane made the shocking discovery in the flashback episode when she raced to the Beales‘ house after receiving a frantic phone call, only to find Lucy lying dead in the living room.

Bobby appeared brandishing a heavy jewellery box and made our jaws drop to the floor when he said: ‘Whatever she says, she started it. She made everyone unhappy.’

Whilst we’re still recovering from that MASSIVE bombshell, we’ve been taking a look at how Bobby has changed over the years from an innocent tot to a deceptively angelic-looking killer.

The youngster made his first appearance on Albert Square when Ian‘s former wife Laura gave birth in July 2003. Kevin Curran was the first actor to play Bobby and had THE most adorable little face.

Bobby had a dramatic start in life as Laura initially thought Garry Hobbs was the father following a drunken one-night stand, but she later learned that Ian was the daddy when Bobby needed a blood transfusion and Garry wasn’t a match. Then Laura died in 2004, leaving Bobby to grow up with the Beales.

The youngest member of the Beale family underwent a transformation in 2007 when Alex Francis took over the role. Who’d have thought there was a cold-blooded murderer lurking beneath that blond bowl cut, eh?

Things started to look up for the little ‘un when Ian‘s latest wife Jane adopted him in 2010, but Jane soon announced she was divorcing Ian after a row and left. Luckily the young lad continued to visit Jane and maintained a close bond – which would come in handy some years later…

In 2013 Bobby returned from a school trip to America with, erm, a new face. The latest actor to fill the part was Rory Stroud, bringing a slightly more grown-up look to the role.

Just over a year later though the schoolboy transformed into the Bobby Beale we know and love (or slightly fear now, actually) when Eliot Carrington took over. He looks SO cute but he’s definitely no angel!

Click through above to see how little Bobby has grown over the years…

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