Reality star opens up on TV show


Jade Goody has revealed the terrible effects radio and chemotherapy are having on her body.

The reality TV star is undergoing an intensive course of treatment in a bid to beat cervical cancer.

‘The side-effects are sickness, diarrhoea and burns around the back of my bum,’ she says on new TV show Jade.

‘Sometimes you get really horrible sensations in your private parts. The skin around my private area gets really sensitive and can peel off.’

Jade had an emergency hysterectomy when she was diagnosed with the disease in the summer. But she is determined not to let it beat her.

‘I will not be a cancer victim,’ she vows. ‘I will always be better than cancer, I will always be the stronger thing.’

Doctors have given Jade, 27, a 50% chance of making a full recovery.

Jade is on Living TV on 11 December at 9pm.

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Alison Adey

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