It was a little bit more than painful...

Celebrity Big Brother‘s annual talent show is an opportunity for the housemates to prove to the public that yes, they do have something to offer the world, stop putting celebrities in quote marks. This year, though, James Whale‘s offering made everything a tad too awkward.

Housemates Lewis Bloor, Ricky Norwood and Marnie Simpson, among the others, took to the stage to perform their various acts. Yet one act grinded all the proceedings to a halt: James Whale talking to Loose Women star Saira Khan.

The pair decided to form a talk show but things quickly descended into pure awkwardness.

James called his co-star a ‘loudmouth b**ch’, which would be really bad if she didn’t agree to the descriptor.

Then James encouraged her to talk about giving her husband the opportunity to sleep with other women.

Maybe there's a reason he doesn't have a job anymore... [Channel 5]

Maybe there’s a reason he doesn’t have a job anymore… [Channel 5]


Saira explained that she offered to let her husband sleep with other women because she was so ‘exhausted’ she had a low sex drive, but said he wouldn’t ever be unfaithful.

The line of questioning left the whole house feeling uncomfortable… as well as the viewers.

One viewer wrote: ‘I feel so awkward watching Saira and James? Is this mean to be entertaining. He’s a p**ck.’

Rude but okay.

Another added: ‘James is being such a buzz kill for this talent show.’

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Stephen Bear and Lewis Bloor felt the whole talk show was too uncomfortable to continue, and ended up cheering on Saira. Despite not getting on with her, they felt James’ line of questioning was way too inappropriate.

But some viewers took James Whale’s side.

One wrote: ‘I don’t like that James much but Lewis and Bear are being ridiculous!’

This series continues to be a lot more divisive than the winter one. Where’s this series’ Tiffany Pollard!?