Danielle Harold is the victim of internet abuse


Cyber bullies have targeted youngsters who’ve featured in TV series Jamie’s Dream School.

Jamie Oliver‘s reality show aims to show how inspirational teachers can help rebellious British teens learn to love school again.

But pupil Danielle Harold has found the online abuse tough. 

‘Some of the things people are saying is just disgusting,’ says Danielle, 18.

‘One person said that at birth we should have all been dragged out by a coat hanger. it’s horrible.

‘People think we are scum and yobs but we’re not.

‘I went on the show because my life seemed to be going nowhere.

‘I was ill in years 10 and 11 at school and missed a lot of GCSEs and thought it would be a brilliant opportunity to learn.

‘And it was. It was a fantastic experience and it’s changed my life.

‘We’re all upset because we put a lot of hard work into it.’

Danielle‘s won a place at the National Youth Theatre and has ‘nothing but praise’ for Jamie, 35.

But the South-East London teen is unhappy about the way the show’s footage has been edited.

‘They put in clips of us all drinking alcohol and I think they made us look worse than we are,’ she claims in the Daily Star.

‘There were tiffs and arguments but you get those in any school.

‘We’re not bad kids.’

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