It got a tiny bit too heated

MTV has confirmed that professional shouter Jemma Lucy has been booted off of Ex On the Beach – and also revealed why.

The reality star – who is rumoured to be dating Celebrity Big Brother winner Stephen Bear – was booted off the show after a huge fight with Kayleigh Morris.

Jemma was busy sleeping with Kayleigh’s ex Ashley Cain, when she walked in to them sleeping together and laughed.

She reveals to the cameras that she still has feelings for her ex, which is why she won’t leave the two to crack on with each other.




The tattooed star fumes and stormes off, but Kayleigh decided to take things further and throw all her stuff out of the bedroom and into the pool. Because this is how you deal with things as an adult.

The next day the two girls are still at each others throats until, at night Jemma launches at Kayleigh after she criticises her appearance. She’s then dragged off by security guards while shouting, ‘get me the f*** out of this house!’



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Kayleigh, meanwhile, is pinned to the wall by a guard and is seen calling Jemma Lucy ‘an STI f***ing slag’ several times.

But this all gets a bit messier outside of the Thailand villa. Ashley Cain has been seen getting really, really flirtatious with Chloe Khan, who dated Stephen Bear in the CBB house, who is now probably dating Jemma Lucy. Hang on, we need a diagram…