Jenny says Chloe should have kept her makeunder from Snog, Marry, Avoid


Snog, Marry, Avoid presenter Jenny Frost thinks X Factor reject Chloe Mafia looks beautiful with no make-up.

Chloe, 19 – who denies she’s a prostitute – took part in the series before her controversial appearance on The X Factor last year.

And she was stripped of her slap to reveal the vulnerable teenager beneath the layers of gunk.

‘When we made her under she looked amazing,’ Jenny, 32, tells Now.

‘But unfortunately she didn’t keep it up.’

The former Atomic Kitten is sad that Chloe didn’t stick with her new look, without hair extensions and fake tan.

‘I think she’s just a lost young girl,’ says Jenny.

The hopefuls in the new season of Snog, Marry, Avoid are just as ‘controversial’ as Chloe.

‘The candidates are worse than ever,’ she admits.

‘They’ve really outdone themselves this time.’

The fourth season of Snog, Marry, Avoid premieres tonight on BBC Three at 8pm with a double bill.

Chloe Mafia | chloe victoria | The X Factor Chloe Mafia | chloe victoria | The X Factor

Now magazine also photographed Chloe Mafia without her make-up…

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