Jessie J reveals she has body issues, just like the rest of us

Do it Like A Dude star Jessie J, 24, loves sparring with as a mentor on The Voice.

But she hasn’t always been oozing with as much confidence as her show-stopping outfits and bold hairstyles would have us believe.

I always have issues about my body. But what’s the point in being sad about them? she asks.

Everyone has cellulite; everyone has one boob bigger than the other – the normal girly things.

I’ve got man hands. When people say I’ve got lovely nails, I try to hide my hands.’

To help her deal with body hang-ups, Jessie takes advice from Rihanna.

I remember Rihanna said once in an interview, even if there are things in your body you don’t like, you’ve just got to go out there and say, “This is who I am, and this is what I’ve got”,’ says Jessie.

I just think it’s about embracing what you have when you’re young and enjoying it.’

After all, Nobody’s Perfect.

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