It's hard, even for celebrities...

The whole dating game is one of the hardest in the world. So it’s good when shows like Celebs Go Dating remind us that even famous/ridiculously attractive people like Joey Essex and Charlotte Crosby find it difficult.

The E4 show, which shows celebs like Tyger Drew-Honey and Stephanie Pratt, go on dates with regular people in an attempt to find love.

But the former TOWIE lad in particular had a bit of a tough time wooing the girl of his dreams. Not that people weren’t interested in his boyish charms – just that everything seemed to go wrong. Exhibit A: a girl burped at the dinner table with him.

The woman, Flo, burped on a date! A date. She squandered her chance to get with Joey Essex because she couldn’t contain her gas like a big baby.


That wasn’t the only dating disaster for the 26-year-old. One woman, named Marley, proclaimed that Joey Essex was the man of her dreams. And would not. Leave. Him. Alone.

After a brief chat, the Essex hottie clearly wanted Marley to go, but she was determined to leave with him. He even moaned that every time he tried to talk to another girl, she would step in front and attempt to chat him up again.

Joey Essex Celebs Go Dating

The thirst in her eyes is actually scary… [E4]

And things didn’t get any sexier when she admitted that she said: ‘The thing is in 3 years I have had 2 dates. I kissed 1 guy in 3 years, that’s embarrassing.’

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People ended up labeling the girl ‘desperate’: ‘10pm tonight can certainly not come quick enough! Wish Marley was still in it stalking the lads’

So this is one for your notes: when trying to woo a star, attempt to have the tiniest bit of chill. Better luck next time buddy!