It's time to educate Joey - again


Ever since Joey Essex burst into the spotlight on TOWIE, it’s been a bit of an open secret that he’s not very bright.

In fact, it’s such a part of his character that he’s made a career out of it, with adverts and complete television series playing on it! You could imagine that after years of your, erm, *mental shortcomings*, being constantly commented on, it would get a little hurtful.

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But when Now recently met up with the 25-year-old Essex boy for a chat, he admitted that, funnily enough, he quite enjoys it!

‘Do you know what – maybe I’ve gotta change the way I say it, but I actually really like it,’ Joey revealed. ‘I get that a lot. People on the street – if someone calls me stupid, I love it!’

‘I don’t know why I like it – I think it’s because I’ve got an easy life, don’t I? Makes my life easier dunnit, if I say the wrong thing on TV it’s funny! Instead of people saying oh that’s embarrassing. No-one knows, do they? I just let them deal with it.’

The face Joey Essex makes when trying to spell 'referendum'

The face Joey Essex makes when trying to spell ‘referendum’

Having shot new episodes of his series, Educating Joey Essex, about the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations and the upcoming, all-important EU Referendum, we decided to put his knowledge to the test – and for the most part, he did well, managing to identify political party leaders and the royal family.

But the spelling bee was where he ran into a bit of trouble – especially spelling the word ‘referendum’…

‘E…E…. What am I talking about, ‘E’? R…E…F…U…’

And from then on, it was Game Over.

Regardless, Joey wants the show to help voters come to an important decision – but he’s keeping schtum about whether he’s voting in or out of the EU himself.

‘I don’t want people to watch my show and think “I’m gonna vote whatever Joey does.” I’ll do what I want to do, you do what you want to do.

‘But I want the show to make a difference, and it will.’

Good on you, Joey!

Watch Joey in Educating Joey Essex: What EU Sayin’? on Sunday 19 June, 9.00pm on ITV2