Freak weather forces everyone out


All the Big Brother contestants were evacuated on Tuesday evening after rainfall left the house flooded and disrupted live coverage for several hours.

The drama was broadcast on C4 in last night’s update.

It was John James and Josie – hugging under the duvet as usual – who noticed a leak in the ceiling as the rain poured down, causing a flash flood.

The housemates were taken to a secure compound at around 9pm in the evening, to allow essential repairs to be completed.

With gallons of water gushing in and the floors like lakes, the key concern was everyone’s safety.

The BB gang were allowed back into the house in the early hours and Big Brother set up a temporary sleeping area in the large task room with air beds.

A pillow fight then broke out between Corin, Mario and Andrew.

Dave was annoyed at first but then he and John James had fun letting the air out of a sleeping Sam‘s mattress.

‘I didn’t know the airbed was gonna deflate!’ giggled John James.

‘You didn’t know opening it up would make it deflate?’ replied Sam. ‘Maybe in Australia where everything’s backwards!’

Big Brother allowed the housemates a lie-in yesterday morning.

They awoke to be told they only had access to the garden, kitchen and task room.

The nest will be used as a temporary Diary Room.

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