The Aussie hunk reduces BB's newest housemate to tears

John James Parton and Sam Pepper have had an emotional row in the Big Brother house.

The Aussie hunk was complaining about Sam to JJ and Dave in the BB shower, unaware that he (and Josie) were listening outside.

The hurt and angry 21-year-old called John James a knob and shouted: ‘I thought you were my friend and you’ve just bitched about me for 20 minutes!’

John James, 24, had been running Sam down for his ‘fake’ comforting of Josie after he and the Bristol babe had had another row.

‘You got involved in a situation that has nothing to do with you,’ a riled John James replied. ‘If you
had f*cking waited until after I got out of the shower, I was about to
speak to you one-on-one.’

After more shouting, a tearful Sam ran to his bedroom follwed by John James who continued to argue.

‘I heard every single word from beginning to end,’ Sam fought back. ‘Josie can decide whether I’m her friend or not. I’m not sucking up to her, I like her!’

But John James wasn’t convinced, replying: ‘You’re not Josie’s mate, you bad-mouthed her as soon as you got in, you call her a fat sl*g! What do you want? Camera time?’

John James was then called to the Diary Room to calm down while Sam stayed in his bed crying.

‘I believe Sammy is as fake as f*ck,’ John James ranted. ‘If other people want to buy his shit, that’s their problem. But I will not be used so he can stay in here a bit longer.’


Sam Pepper

Sam Pepper

Sam Pepper

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