Aussie hunk shocked to find out Rachael is now dating Nathan

Former Big Brother housemates Rachael White, Ben Duncan and Nathan Dunn briefly returned to the house on Wednesday.

Rachael treated John James Parton to a less-than-relaxing massage as part of a BB task, Ben had a good gossip and Nathan shared an intimate dinner date with Corin Forshaw.

Unfortunately, Rachael and John James‘ reunion did not go smoothly.

A slanging match quickly developed with John James accusing Rachael of being fake, sneering at her for posing for Nuts – and suggesting the only thing she wouldn’t do for money would be have sex. 

I don’t know what’s the problem with you, John,’ Rachael replied.

After the trio left, Corin then revealed that Nathan and Rachael are now an item in the outside world.

She informed John James that he would need security at the after-show wrap party to protect him from an angry Nathan – who was not impressed with the way ‘dickhead’ John James had insulted Rachael.  

Nathan will tear me up for sure,’ the Aussie hunk told fellow housemate Mario.

Josie, Corin and Steve all agreed that he’s disrespectful to women.

John James was so ‘stressed out’ at the thought of getting the f*ck beaten out of him, he broke down in the Diary Room and announced he would leave – because he didn’t feel safe.

Bullied as a youngster, he wept and said he would run away and find his mum Helena, who has flown to the UK.

But Big Brother agreed to arrange for John James to speak to Nathan in a phone call, he apologised and the pair appear to have resolved their differences.

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