Aussie hunk John James and Josie were going to be married by Dave


Now John James Parton has been evicted from the Big Brother, Josie Gibson is missing him terribly.

‘No one’s ever loved me before,’ she told the remaining housemates, ‘and he’s a really, really, really, good kisser.’

John James, 24, is just as smitten.

‘I really, really love her,’ he confirmed at a Big Brother press conference after his departure.

‘We were going to stage a wedding when she had the wedding dress. Dave was going to do it all as a minister.

‘I would have been happy to play along. Did I think she was marriage material? Yeah, why not?’

Josie, 25, is hoping the pair will be reunited on Tuesday but if she wins Big Brother 2010, she’ll stay inside the house until 10 September for Ultimate Big Brother.

Whenever the pair are back in each other’s arms, John James wants to be sure they both still feel the same way.

We’ll see what happens,’ he says. ‘The problem with being in Big Brother is that you don’t know whether it is real. Josie can come out of the house and feel totally different, but I’ll just have to wait.’

Big Brother 11 continues nightly on Channel 4.

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