Aussie hunk John James Parton appreciates the messages from fans

John James Parton and Josie Gibson have split – for now – and John James is back in Melbourne, Australia, with his mates.

But he still has 157,000 followers on Twitter and he appreciates all the messages he’s had from fans.

Some BB enthusiasts think his break-up with Josie, 26, is just a publicity stunt and she’ll soon fly Down Under to be reunited with her ‘Johnny James‘, but it’s been a tough and painful time for them both.

thank you to 🙂 nothing i say can express how grateful i am x,’ he Tweets.

‘im not going to tweet about my personal life in any way .. but i will continue to stay on twitter for the time being x x x.

‘Thanks for all the support iv’e been getting since iv’e been back in Aust means allot to me .. i haven’t told anyone to tweet on my behalf x.

‘Thank you 2everyone that has supported both josie & myself since I first went on bb until this very day:-) I truly can’t thankyou enough x.’

John James, 25, wants to give himself and Josie time to reflect on their relationship and to work out if it really stands a chance of surviving.

‘I am too mentally drained,’ he explained before flying home. ‘If I didn’t go, she would just carry on the way she has.’

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