Josie Gibson scoops title and cash prize

Josie Gibson is the winner of Big Brother 2010.

John James was in the audience tonight to see his girl take the title and the £100,000 prize.

Andrew was first out of the house (talking about his crush on Josie) and taking 5th place.

Next was JJJohn James‘ best mate – in 4th place, then Mario in 3rd.

Dave was runner-up.

As she left the house in a maxi-dress with a flower in her hair, Josie breathed into a paperbag to stop her hyperventilating with excitement.

‘Let’s talk John James,’ Davina McCall told her.

‘It would be fair to say you’re a bit of a randy mare.’

John James blushed in the audience.

‘Well, he is super handsome,’ Josie explained, ‘bit out of my league really.’

Josie is going to give £20,000 of her prize money to charity and has also offered to pay for a new leg for Steve.

As Josie agreed to continue in the house in Ultimate Big Brother, John James appeared to say goodbye and the couple snogged.

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