The Big Brother star hires a personal trainer to tone up


Josie Gibson‘s always maintained she’s proud of her curves, but the Big Brother star is on a mission 
to tone up this summer.

Spurred on by the unflattering bikini shots of her in Marbella in June, size 16 Josie has hired a hot personal trainer to whip her into shape – and not only has the hard work already paid off, we’re happy to see Josie smiling once more too.

Josie, 26, was put through her paces – including boxing, squats and jogging – last week in Wandsworth Common in south London.

A close friend of the star tells Now: ‘She likes running and it’s easier in the summer because she can go to the park or pound the streets.

‘She’s not one for gyms.’

Read the full story and see the pictures of Josie Gibson and her hot trainer in Now magazine dated 8 August 2011 – out now!

Now cover 8 August 2011

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