The Big Brother lovebirds are still an item

Big Brother 11 winner Josie Gibson soon put fans straight after reading this week that she had ‘split’ from lover John James Parton.

Wadda load of old rubbish…Josie, 25, Tweeted.

Of course, the real life Romeo & Juliet are still very much in love and sources close to the couple have told Now their recent break up’ was just a bad patch.

The so-called big break up refers to a row they had a month ago,’ reveals our mole.

Josie was particularly stressed because she was on a strict diet for Now’s recent cover story.

‘It didn’t help that John James was her food policeman and not letting her eat anything she shouldn’t.

‘They simply needed a break from each other so he went to Australia to see his mum and she went to Mexico with her mates – but they were sending each other lovey dovey texts the whole time.’

Phew, that’s cleared that up! 

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