Josie's new fragrance is a joint venture

Big Brother 11 winner Josie Gibson and lover John James Parton appear naked in the promo picture for new fragrance, Josie.

John James looks ready to smooth his girl right over as he sniffs the new fragrance.

‘We are wearing clothes, it just doesn’t look like it,’ Josie tells Now.

‘I’m wearing a bed sheet. I think John James was wearing boxers…Oh no, he was wearing jeans!’

Josie and John James, both 25, have enjoyed working on the new scent together and like Now’s suggestion of JJJ sheets and duvet covers for their next project. After all, the pair were always in bed on Big Brother.

‘A range of John James and Josie bed linen!’ enthuses the Bristol babe. ‘That’s a really good idea!’

Josie‘s perfume Josie is available from The Perfume Shop and for £19.50. For each bottle sold before Christmas, £1 will go to Josie‘s chosen charity Look Good, Feel Better.

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