The Big Brother lovebirds are still Tweeting

Big Brother 11 winner Josie Gibsonis hopping mad after reading claims she’s split from lover John James Parton.

Their relationship is said to have been ‘on the rocks for months’, with the pair – who have lived together in a London flat since September – no longer sharing a bedroom.

Wadda load of old rubbish…Josie, 25, Tweeted this morning in response to the report.

Me and john been up since 3.30 am. We both got jet lag 2gether lol our
body clocks are really messed up. X

The pair were reunited for a romantic holiday after Aussie hunk John James went home to Melbourne for Christmas to see his mum.

Wish we were sleeping in seperate rooms babe,’ Josie jokes.

Then the bugger
wouldn’t have woke me up at 3.30 this morning. X.

Ok guys I don’t care what…write to sale a mag but I can confirm that what they have wrote about me and John is incorrect. X x.’

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