The Big Brother winner has become philosophical about their break-up

When Josie Gibson fell in love with John James Parton in Big Brother 2010, she never dreamt that less than a year later he’d be dating 24-year-old part-time model and burlesque dancer Sherrie Cobley.

Still getting over their split, 26-year-old Josie‘s trying to sort out in her mind the reason why their romance fell apart.

‘On reflection, she thinks that John just couldn’t handle her being more famous than him,’ reveals a pal.

‘He even kicked off at the title of her new reality show There’s Something About Josie, as he felt his name should have been in the title, too.

‘She thought they had something special and he led her to believe that they did – and then he craps all over her.’

Thankfully, Josie has one tried and tested way to help her get through her heartbreak: close friends, booze and a few self-help books.

Keep your chin up, Josie.

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