Big Brother's Josie Gibson is shocked by text messages she's getting


Big Brother 11 winner Josie Gibson has revealed she’s been receiving distressing death threats.

An unknown person has been texting her and threatening her life.

Apparently I’m going to have the same fate my Dad did,Josie, 26, Tweets.

‘There really is some sicko’s in the world. X.’

The Bristol babe’s dad was killed when she was a youngster and ex-boyfriend John James Parton also lost his dad.

The former lovers shared intimate chats on Big Brother about the sadness of their loss.

John James‘ father died in an industrial accident but Josie‘s dad was killed in a family love triangle.

‘My dad was having an affair with my uncle’s missus who he has kids with,’ Josie, 25, revealed last year.

‘From what I know, there was a fight. A knife was thrown and my dad got stabbed in the leg.

‘It went through a main artery and he bled to death.’

Josie was about 10 when her father died and tries not to dwell on the sadness of the past.

‘My uncle was done for manslaughter. It wasn’t murder,’ she explained.

‘Tragic things happen in life.’

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